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What others are saying about Clay Hills and Mud Pies
I am privileged to have read your publication, "Clay Hills and Mud Pies."
Personally, I have never known a family that struggled through such difficult beginnings. I am honored to have met your family as I read your book. My congratulations to you! You transformed a picture of the past into a portrait of the present, and a hopeful legacy of all good things in the future.
Harriet Sporn, retired teacher.
The author decided to become an author after writing a short story in grammar school that was praised by her teacher. This story about her family testifies that she achieved her goal. The readers will be waiting for her next work.
The reader will identify with the stories and episodes about her dysfunctional Mexican American family whose three sisters preferred to see their father inebriated because he was less dictatorial and more pleasant that way. Barrio life with its inhabitants comes to life with her pleasant to read style. In his way, we read about how Santiago Perez was a casualty of life in America.
The author and her sister serve as inspirations as they both managed to graduate from college and take on professional lives in spite of their obstacles. Young people especially will benefit from this pleasant read. They will feel inspired to set their own goals.
Julian Nava, U.S. Ambassador
Annie Perez shares with us the history, stories and legends of an American family, spanning three generations in the 20th century and documented by the tape recorder she began using from the age of 20. She takes us from farms in New Mexico, cotton fields in California and railroads in Nevada, to the Depression era CCC and WPA and the U.S. Army in wartime Burma and India. And she tells us of the young sisters who were raised by a struggling single mother in Los Angeles in the 1950s and 60s and eventually found their way into California's universities. A story of one family, that is also part of the story of a nation.
Elliot Kanter, U.S. History Librarian (retired), UC San Diego
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